February 14, 2009

Make Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Look Like Mac OSX

There are numerous site describing how to make Ubuntu look like Mac OSX, but must site that I have come across are quite buggy. And even the home page for the Google Global Menu is not correct. But yesterday I came across I really good web page that works and maybe even more imported have to uninstall the theme.


And if you are annoyed with the close, minimize and maximize (metacity) buttons you can change that with the following.

Open gconf-editor, press alt+f2 and then run.

Edit the key: app → metacity → general

Set the button_layout to: menu:close,minimize,maximize
And a last that is forgotten is that Mac4Lin comes with themes and plugins for firefox and thunderbird. These packages are located in Mac4Lin directory and under Mozilla.

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