October 19, 2009

How to Install Swedish Dictionary and Thesaurus for Open Office Writer

If you have installed a English distribution of Ubuntu you have already Open Office installed, but with no Swedish dictionary or Thesaurus. Do this to install:
  • Open Office Writer.
  • Select Tools->Language->More Dictionaries Online...
  • Download the two wanted files Dictionary and Thesaurus. Now you have to oxt-files on your computer.
  • Select Tools->Extension Manager and click Add then select oxt-file.
  • Restart Open Office and from Tools->Language->For All Text->More. In the window select installed language for selected document.

Clearlook Theme for Ubuntu – Clearlooks OSX

In the beginning I found it quite hard to find new themes, that was compatible with the standard Ubuntu way to install theme, i.e. from System->Preferences->Appearance.

But yesterday I found a nice OSX look that is not so grey as Mac OSX, it is also packaged in the standard Ubuntu installation way.


How to Enable Code Completion and Syntax Control Against XML Schema with Eclipse

When I was writing Apache Camel configuration XML files, I was frustrated over that I had no code completion or XML syntax check against Apache Camel Schema, but of source is that doable in Eclipse. Simple download the Schema to your computer and then open Eclipe:
Window->Preferences->XML->XML Catalog
Click on Add and File System and select the downloaded Schema.
Now you can right-click in your XML file and select Validate.