October 5, 2010

Day 2 at JAOO. A Compact Day with James Gosling, Jim Webber and GIT

Day 2 was a packed day with big stars as James Gosling and for you that don't know it, Gosling have quited Oracle, if you want to read more, google or read Gosling own blog http://nighthacks.com/roller/jag/.

But the day started with Cliff Click from Azul Systems (azulsystems.com) and talked about top ten performance problem they seen of hosted Java application in production. This was interesting and I will probably get back with a better blog about that. What also was interesting was suggested tools for detecting different kind of problem:


  • dtrace, hprof, introscope, jconsole, visual vm yourkit


  • dtrace, oprofile


  • Ganglia, iostat, lsof, nagios and netstat

The next talk was from Google about Scalability, Availability and Stability, which in mine humble opinion, brought not so much new solution to the problems. It all cooked down to sharding, fanning out,  replication vs. caching, eventual consistency and asynchronous calling.

After lunch did Jim Webber talked. Jim Webber is mainly the guy behing REST and if you are intrested about that you should definitely read his book. REST in Practise.

At the end of evening I had the pleasure of talking to both Martin Odersky and Jonas Bonér about the new started company Scala Solution (http://www.scalasolutions.com/) IDE plugns, faster compile time, who is owning the code, founding and Scala akka (http://akkasource.org/), but I will get back more about that later.

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