October 5, 2010

JAOO Day 3. The Stagnation of the Java Language

Today I visited one of Java User Group (JUG) at the JAOO conference – the “Next next step for the Java ecosystem.” There were three person in panel James Gosling, Kevlin Henney and Dave Thomas and they all three confirmed on the misfortune fact that the Java Community Process (JCP) is not working properly or as Rod Johnson (member of JCP board) put it in his session “Where Next for Enterprise Java”. Compare the number of Java Specification Request (JSR) produced this year with the number produced 2-3 years back.

And one can really ask when JDK 7 will be released and how much really will be included of the project Coin (minor language feature change), Jigsaw (effort to make Java more modular) and Lambda (bring closure to Java)?!?

And I guess this fact is the why there today are so many new language created for the JVM – the community is responding and will not wait.

But there is rescue to the help and as James put it, if you cannot wait use Scala.

James Gosling

Kevlin Henney

Dave Thomas

Rod Johnson

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Alex said...

Hi Magnus!

It sounds like you think out of suggestion that once created the programming language should permanently be in a state of "progress". I think that is a too strong suggestion. IHMO each language (not necessarily programming language) should develop only till a certain point. Usually each additional feature at least a bit complicates things for EVERY current user but if only relatively FEW users will use the additional feature it may be a wrong thing to add that feature on average. A different more specialized language should catch up here,

IHMO Java has already passed this critical point. It would probably better have stopped expanding at version 1.5. Even adding generics does not look as a success as a solution for stronger typing, just borrowing 15 years old ideas from C++.