October 24, 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 Change Default Size of Terminal

One of the probably first thing you want to change when starting using Ubuntu is to change the default size of the Terminal window. In earlier version of Ubuntu that could be accomplished via the Edit -> Profile Preference menu from the Terminal, but with Ubuntu 10.04 that is no longer possible. Instead do the following:

Go to System -> Preferences -> Preferred Applications -> System (tab)

Change Terminal Emulator to "Custom".
Command: gnome-terminal --geometry=237x24
Execution flag: -x


GeertVc said...


Nice information, but why not doing the following:

- Create a terminal shortcut in the panel (open "Accessories | Terminal", right-click and choose "Add this launcher to panel")

- Once this is done, right-click on the terminal icon in the panel and choose "Properties". There, you can extend the default command (being 'gnome-terminal') with the geometry settings you want.

This way, the terminal icon on the panel (and only that one) will create a terminal window with the size you determined.

Magnus K Karlsson said...

That's OK, if you want to have several Terminal shortcuts.

But these shortcut properties will not be applied when opening the Terminal windows with default Keyboard Shortcut that you can assign from.

System | Preferences | Keyboard Shortcuts

Chirlo said...

This saved me quite some time, thank you. I'd have a question though:
What do you write -x on the execution flag? I tried without it and it works, and I'm curious about it.