November 21, 2011

Can Programmers Learn Something from Industrial Design?

Another interest of mine is design and art. Which I will not write more about on this technical blog, but I recently got aquinted with the designer Dieter Rams ( who is interesting in many ways, but one thing that I think is of interest to share on this blog is his famous:

Ten Principles for Good Desing

1. Good design is innovative.

2. Good design makes a product useful.

3. Good design is aesthetic.

4. Good desing makes a product understandable.

5. Good design is unobtrusive.

6. Good design is honest.

7. Good design is long-lasting.

8. Good desing is thorough, down to the last detail.

9. Good design is environmentally-friendly.

10. Good design is as little design as possible.

Where my favourite is the last ”Good design is as little design as possible.”. Like James Bond would have said it ”Less is more.” Or maybe as a programmers would have put it ”KISS”.

You can read more of these principles here

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