May 19, 2012

Top Things After Installing Ubuntu 12.04 Practical Precise

1. First update your system.

2. Enable Restricted drivers available

Open Additional Drivers and select Recommended driver.

3. Remove overlay bar:

4. Add Medibuntu Repository

5. Install Common Codecs

6. To play encrypted DVDs

7. Install Non Open Source Programs

8. Install Video Player

9. Video Editor

There are several easy to use video editors out there: Here are two:
  • Avidemux
  • Openshot
You install both from Ubuntu Software Center.

10. Torrents client - qBittorrent

A Simple to use Bittorrent client is qBittorrent. You install it easily from Ubuntu Software Center.

11. Manage Unity - MyUnity

If you are not happy with the dock you can easily change it's appearance with MyUnity. You install from Ubuntu Software Center.

12. Oracle Java 6 

If think the best way to install Oracle Java SDK is to do it manually. An easy to use guide is here

13. Set $JAVA_HOME

I have previously describe how to set the Java environment home variable here:

14.Keyboard Shortcut 

15. New Launcher (Shortcut) in Dock

I have previously described it here:

16. LibreOffice

If you need to install more language for spelling checking, first download the wanted

How to install:


Check installation under Tools -> Options -> Language Settings -> Writing Aids and Edit Module.

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Ergose said...

I'd also mention installing Jed and disabling F10 also. F10 gets in the way of Jed and even when disabled in Terminal, the new interface still grabs it. Here's a link to work around the issue.