November 13, 2012

System Development Environment on Ubunut 12.10

With the latest Ubuntu release most of the tool a Java developer needs comes packaged in official release packages.

Open JDK 7

The open JDK 7 is mature and ready for production. This since the latter version of Open JDK 6. The reason for this is that now Oracle really develop the next version of Oracle JDK version is done in the Open JDK version. Previously when Sun owned the Java SDK they merely dumped source code in the Open JDK repository, but Open JDK is really a upstream project.

Maven 3

Subversion 1.7

Please note that there is a big difference between svn 1.6 and 1.7, where 1.6 was the official package version in Ubuntu 12.04.

Subversion Client

If you have previously used RabidSVN, you should consider switching to KDESVN

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