December 23, 2012

Getting Started Guide for Eclipse with Maven (m2eclipse) and Subversion (Subclipse) Plugin

In this tutorial I will show you how to get started with Java development with Eclipse and its common plugins.
First, if you haven not yet done it, install Java SDK. Here I will use a linux client, but the same yields for a Windows client environment, except installing program is more comprehensive in Linux.
On a Internet connected Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal client, simply open a terminal and print.

Then you need Maven. Here I will use Maven 3, which is the recommended version for building new Java project. For Ubuntu client simply continue typing in your terminal:

Now you need to install Eclipse. I recommend NOT to use the latest version, since it is remarkably slower then the previous version of Eclipse Indigo (3.7). Simple open the below link in you web browser and download the right version version for your operation system and architecture. Then unzip the compressed file in you programming directory.
Now check that eclipse points to your default java home directory, where source code is also stored.

Now you need to install two plugins, Maven (m2eclipse) and Subversion (Subclipse) plugin. Installing extra plugin in Eclipse is quite simple. Open Window → Install New Software.... Now enter the below URL and follow the Eclipse guide.


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