January 3, 2013

Install Apache Web Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 (RHEL)

In this blog I will show you how to install Apache Web Server on RHEL 6.3.

1. Install httpd package.

2. Start Apache Web Server.

3. Check that Apache Web Server is running.

4. Open port 80 in firewall.

If you are planning to run JBoss behind Apache Web Server.

and change to

Restart Apache Web Server.

Validate that workers are working.


If you have trouble restart Apache Web Server after activating workers, you might need to define listening ip:port


Zippisan said...

Great post and it just works directly so no need to troubleshooting the conf file. I manage to call the localhost, I am expecting that this setup will be used for receiving requests and forward to JBOSS later on.


Mauricio said...

Very useful.