February 28, 2013

How to install Swedish Spelling Checking on English Ubuntu 12.10

The most popular system language for an operating system is English when working as a system developer, but when it comes to writing document you probably need a local language spelling package. And in me previous blog I have written how to install swedish spelling package for LibreOffice, but with Ubuntu 12.10 there is a better way. Install the spelling checking package as debian package.

Afer installation you need to restart LibreOffice. Then you need to make LibreOffice aware of the the new spelling package. You do that by open Tools -> Options... -> Language Settings -> Writing Aids

Now you can change spelling checking for text or the complete document via Tools -> Language


Anonymous said...

Tack, precis vad jag letade efter.
Det funkade fint på ubuntu 12.04 LTS också.

Anonymous said...

+1. Stort TACK!

Anonymous said...

maybe you mean "How to install Swedish Spelling Checking on LibreOffice" because what you post seems focused on LibreOffice and not on the OS.