March 16, 2013

How to install IE 8 and 9 on Ubuntu 12.10

When developing web sites you will sooner or later come across different HTML, CSS, Javascript compability issues for different web browser. Firefox and Google Chrome can easily be installed on Ubuntu, but installing Internet Exeplorer requires some more installation.

To begin with whenever you are searching for information about Ubuntu always start with a recognized site and a recognized site is

After that said now install IE. To begin with you need to install a platform to run you IE and the successor for Wine is PlayOnLinux (PlayOnLinux website). You install it by using Ubuntu Software Center.

Before installing make sure you have a working Internet Connection.

After successfully installed PlayOnLinux start it and you can install IE by clicking on the Install button from the toolbar and then search for 'Internet Explorer'.


Eyjo said...

Thanks Magnus! :)

Deepak Bhatta said...

How can I get IE 9 through PlayonLinix?

Jenna Smith said...

Really windows gives there software to run on Linux OS.

VanessaMattos said...

Before removing WINE (I use Picasa 3 and TotalCommander, and I sadly need IEx for Picasa to connect with the service), I'd like to know if all applications shares the same "emulation", so TotalCommander can launch Picasa, i.e.

Thank you.