May 21, 2013

How to enable Tree View in File Browse Nautilus in RHEL 6

After installing RHEL 6, the default configuration for browsing files, in the file browser (Nautilius 2.28.4,, is to display catalog as icon. This display have never been my favorite, because it requires a lot of mouse clicking when browsing. A better layout is using the Tree View. To use the tree view, open Nautilius and:
  1. Open Preferences dialog, by clicking Edit -> Preference. See picture 1.
  2. In first tab select the lowest option Show only folders
  3. In the second tab select Always open in browser windows. See picture 2.
Picture 1: Nautilius Preference dialog, View tab.

Picture 2: Nautilius Preference dialog, Behavior tab.

If you want more extensions to Nautilius, check out the Nautilius extensions page -

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