March 26, 2014

Fedora 20 Install MySQL Server 5.5 and Workbench 6

MySQL Server 5.5

The MySQL packages has been renamed. The now official open source version of MySQL is MariaDB. To install the same version of MySQL on Fedora as in Enterprise Linux, such as RHEL, install these packages.

To start the mysqld.

Set MySQL root password to 'root'.

Finally login and test password.

MySQL Workbench 6

The workbench rpm is orphan, so you need to download and install it manually.

Little bit of searching for installing dependeny packages, with 'yum provides', e.g.

And finally ending up with all required packages.

Then run install of workbench again and start workbench and connect to you localhost.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! this helped me !

fonfon1337 said...

Thanks this help me alot! following your blog sir!

Anonymous said...

#yum list installed | grep mysql-workbench
mysql-workbench-community.x86_64 6.1.7-1.fc20

/usr/libexec/mysql-workbench/mysql-workbench-bin: symbol lookup error: /lib64/ undefined symbol: _ZN3Gio11ActionGroupD0Ev

mysql-workbench on Fedora 20 won't start !!!