April 22, 2014

How to Install and Configure NFS Sharing on RHEL 6


To get nfs to work we need to install and start rpcbind and nfslock. Double check that is done.

Now we are ready to start NFS.

Finally lets test our new NFS server.

This will return a empty export list, without error.


To be able to access NFS exports remotely, we need to open certain ports in the firewall. To investigate which one, we use the command rpcinfo.

This will return quite some ports. To lock down which port that are used please uncomment all ports in NFS conf file.

Now restart NFS service and lets start open ports.

And after opening all ports the iptables should look like.

Test your new firewall configuration by from remote client execute command.


After we have successfully configured the firewall, lets back to our server and configure NFS export directories. We start with creating a new directory, that we will exports.

Now configure NFS to export it.

To apply the new changes run

And to list current exports


From a second machine on the same LAN, test connectivity to NFS server (

The simplest way to test read and write is to use the automounting functionality.

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