December 21, 2014

Overview EE and JBoss EE Compliance

Overview of EE evolution

The capabilities and what is supported out of the box in EE, is increasing from next version to next version. The drive behind the new feature are:

  • Common task are finally included in standard EE.
  • Better maven dependency management.
  • Better test support (FINALLY!), but in this area, more can be done.


Summary of JBoss AS, EAP and new Wildfly EE Compliance

EE 4 - JBoss AS 4.X, JBoss EAP 4 *

EE 5 - JBoss AS 5.1, JBoss EAP 5 *

EE 6 - JBoss AS 7.1, JBoss EAP 6 *

EE 7 - Wildfly 8.x, JBoss EAP 7 * (release date Q2-Q3? 2015)

*) The EAP is forked from AS/Wildfly version left to it, but with much more quality (tested, patched, security compliance testing, security patched), documentation and with support.


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