February 10, 2015

Eclipse Top Download Plugins

Eclipse is maybe the most used IDE for java developers, but you also need some plugins to be even more productive. Here are the most downloaded.

  1. Subversive / Subclipse - SVN plugins! Who installs it anyway?
  2. EGit – Git has won, no wonder the plugin is popular.
  3. Eclipse color theme / Moonlight UI – woohoo, we all like things that look pretty, don’t we?
  4. Maven integration – Maven is used by 64% of Java developers, so perhaps it could be added into the bundle?
  5. Gradle IDE pack – Gradle might very well rule the world eventually. Nice to know it gets traction and the tooling catches up.
  6. Android development tools – Eclipse is still the official IDE for Android development.
  7. PyDev – Python is flexible, dynamic and installed everywhere by default.
  8. Spring Tool Suite (STS) – Spring Framework is an umbrella project for tons of useful libraries and making your IDE aware of them is a smart step–you’ll notice that STS is also in use by 4% of the survey respondents from the introduction, so it’s not easy to ignore.
  9. Vaadin framework – Vaadin is an interesting web framework with pure Java components, beautiful widgets, flexibility.
  10. JBoss Tools (both Luna and Kepler) – umbrella project to work with all things Red Hat, including JBoss, which is considered by some to be the best Java Application Server there is.
  11. GlassFish Tools for Luna – Oracle has cut commercial support of the GlassFish, but it still is the Reference Implementation of Java EE server.
  12. EclEmma – a very well-known code coverage tool for Java.
  13. FindBugs – a very popular open source, static code analysis tool.
  14. TestNG – JUnit is certainly used more than TestNG, but it doesn’t mean that other testing frameworks cannot top it in terms of quality, usability or features.
  15. CheckStyle – code quality analysis tool focused on the looks of code. Make your team comply with a chosen code standard and enjoy more readable diffs.
  16. JadClipse – a well-known Java Bytecode decompiler.
  17. JRebel – a developer productivity tool, allows you to view code changes instantly, which enables developers to get more done in the same amount of time. Become 17% more productive immediately. More effective than a double espresso in the morning.

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