August 11, 2015

What is Docker and Why is it Hot?

What is Docker?

It is the possible replacement for Virtualization.

What is the Difference between Virtualization and Docker?

Below is a good picture from

Docker Diagram Docker Diagram

So the difference between Virtualization and Docker is that everything runs locally on the same server, without the Virtualization overhead.

Example. Lets download a ready image from the Docker Hub ( You can either browse the Docker Hub via web browser or via command line.

Lets pick the official docker image. The first time you run a new Docker Image, it will download it and that will take a little while.

And now try it by open http://localhost:8888.

So what happened? We started a new process.

And a new tomcat process.

And for network. A new virtual bridge was created, which is basically a virtual router.

Why is Docker Better?

  • Lower licensing costs. You only need ONE license for the virtualized server for ALL its virtual guests.
  • More RAM and CPU. With Docker all process runs on the server directly. No virtualization layer that steals resources.
  • Less disks. A virtual guest is at least 20 GB and a Docker image is around 300 MB, since no duplication of OS and all its libraries are needed.

How Does Docker Work?

Docker makes use of proven mature Linux technologies:

  • CPU and RAM - cgroups. With cgroups you can restrict how much a process can use of the CPU and RAM, much like the same way CPU and RAM is handled in virtualization.
  • Disks - namespaces. With namespaces you can isolate local file system and divide it much like a network filesystem.
  • Network - virtual ethernet bridge.

Common Docker Commands

Installation on Ubuntu 14.04

Install docker.

Test the installation.


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