June 28, 2010

Problem Running Eclipse on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)

I have been using Ubuntu for some time and it is really a great OS, but it is amazing why it is always Eclipse that brings the most headache when upgrading Ubuntu. For a couple a days ago I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04, and everything works smoothly until I started Eclipse 3.5 SR1, with bug fixes I have previously described.


This time the solution was to upgrade to Eclipse 3.5 SR 2 (Galileo), without the above bug fix. But thereafter m2eclipse gave me some problem, but now it seams to work after reinstalling m2eclipse and following the guideline in


“Note about 0.9.8 Workspace Incompatibility: If you are using m2eclipse 0.10.0 with a workspace that contains projects created under m2eclipse 0.9.8, you must remove the workspaceState.ser file. The workspaceState.ser file is located within the workspace directory in $workspacedir/.metadata/.plugins/org.maven.ide.eclipse/workspaceState.ser. If you remove this file, m2eclipse 0.10.0 will regenerate it as needed.”


AmanicA said...

I had endless problems with eclipse on lucid. Then I discovered that the default jre in lucid is now java-6-openjdk which does not work so nice for eclipse. After installing java-6-sun again, everything was fine again form me.

Magnus K Karlsson said...

Thats right, I forgot that I'm using Sun JDK not OpenJDK. This was so naturally to me so I forget to mention it. The reason I'm not using OpenJDK is that in my previous project, I had so many incompatibility problem that was because of OpenJDK.